All Phases Electrical specializes in Orlando residential electrical services. We service Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties throughout Central Florida. All phases provides guaranteed expert help with:

  • Remodels & Additions

    We can work with both home owners and general contractors.

    To get the desired look and finish the home owner wants to achieve.

    With our years of experience we can advise on lighting to making your home look and feel "Like you Home"

  • Club Houses

    Electric to include lighting renovation projects

  • Surge Protection

    We can install whole home and business surge protection.

    We can also advice on how to keep your electronics safe and protected.

  • Lightning Protection

    We can provide protection to your home.

    Repair damage from lightning strikes, working with your insurance company.

  • Service and panel upgrade

    We can upgrade the service to your home .

    In our ever changing world, we find some homes that don't have enough power to run all the Gadets in today's world

    We can replace outside and inside sub panels, that are old and not up to date 

    We can also add new service cable to the inside panel so that home has a true Grounding wire,

    Removing the 3 wire feeder cable and replacing it with 4 wire feeder cable 

    FPE Federal Pacific Elec
    Zinsco Panels 
    Pushomatic Panels 
    Challager Panels 

    We can replace these and other older panels 

    1. Insurance will not cover them any longer or insure the home .

    2.Providing safety and peace of mind that your family will be safe

  • Safety inspection service call

    We will go through your home and check for any safety concerns

    Then present you with an estimate cost to correct any problems

  • Power saving advice

    Since our electric bill is one of the biggest cost each month we can help with lowering the cost and saving over time.

    1. Converting standard lighting to LED 

    2. Motion switches in rooms so when your child leaves for school or just goes out the lights will shut off when not one is in the room.

    Good for many rooms in the home

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We provide professional electrical installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction. Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards.

Residential Electrical Services
  • Remodels & Additions
  • Club Houses
  • Surge Protection
  • Lightning Protection
  • Service and panel upgrade
  • Safety inspection service call
  • Power saving advice
Commercial Electrical Services
  • Security Lighting
  • Office space lighting
  • Trouble shoot and repair problems
  • Warehouse Lighting
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